Product Reflect X


Reflect X is a spray product that provides night visibility.

Thanks to its light reflection technology, it is invisible with daylight but highly reflective in the dark when illuminated.

for application in tissues. It is eliminated by washing. Quick drying. It contains only primary alcohols, not toxic.

How does Merlin reflex work?
Reflect X, reflects the light in the same direction as the emitter. When the light of a vehicle reaches a surface treated with reflect X, it is its occupants who see the effect.

When a car lights up I don't see changing my clothes/my color bike.
It's absolutely normal. Reflect X Works Pro retro-reflection light, so only whoever is behind the lighting source, you will see the color change, in this case, the car driver who projects his light on us or on our objects coated with reflect X.

How do I make sure I've applied the product well or applied enough product?
The most effective way to check the effectiveness of the application is to make a photo with Flash, ideally with a mobile phone. With the image obtained, we will be able to see if the search effect is obtained.

Where is more effective reflect X?
It is more effective in garments, socks, runing and cycling shoes etc.

Our recommendation is to use it in the lower parts, since the headlights of the cars tend to light towards the ground. For example, in the case of a runner, the ideal is to influence especially in the shoes and socks, for a cyclist equally in the low moving parts, slippers, socks ...

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